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Storage silos

Silage may be prepared and stored in the following gkinds of silos:
- Tower silos
- bunker silos

Tower silo is a more expensive solution than bunker silos due to technological equipmetn for kneading and drawing silage. Tower silos are made of the following materials: reinforced concrete, plastic, steel with anticorrosive coating, wooden impregnated, aluminium. Most often silos are made of plastic ? polyester reinforced with glass fibre.

We offer bunker silos of the following kinds:
bunker silos consisting of a bottom pad and two retaining walls,
chamber silos consisting of a bottom pad and at least three retaining walls,
silos in a form of a pad for ensilaging have only a bottom pad.

Silo bottom pads are form in such a way so as to allow silage juices to flow into tihgt tanks, which may be used for agriculture purposes when undertaken neutralisation.
Tanks for silage juices are an integraf part of each silo.
Construction of our silos guarantees tightness against silage flowing into the soil. We obtain that due to using concretes of tight classes of at least B25, propertly consolidated, and due to using proper joint filler tapes. Our silos do not need extra protection of hydoinsulation of concrete surfaces that are in contact with silage.