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Covered tanks

The advantage of covered tanks designed for live load is an ability to adjust teh for surcharge loading of farm machines and equipment used at teh farm, therefore, they can be located in the passageway.

We make covered tanks designed for live load of acceptable ceiling load of 11,5 kN/m2 and covered tanks designed for dead load only. We make ceiling covers designed for live loads of up to 8.0 m span. The formwork we use allow building tanks from 4.00 m every 0.25 m of inner diameter and of height of every 1.0 m. Due to stable construction of boarding and a system of stretchers, the inner and outer shells do not need direct joints. After taking off the formwork walls are smooth and there is no need to seal openings as in case of ohter types of formwork. Thanks to using high class concrete, which is supplied from renowned concrete plants, steel of high strength parameters, and special sealing tapes we may guarantee you long term durability and tightness of our tanks. Due to high quality of work and carefully elaborated technnology of construction of tanks of reinforced concrete surfaces of our tanks do not require any extra protection such as e.g. hydroinsulation. We grant necessary conformity certificates and attestation for all materials used during construction.