Uncovered tanks

Depending on investor?s requirements and grounds conditions we make uncovered tanks fully or partially sunk in ground.

Technology of reinforced concrete tanks construction

.Presentation of technology of manure pads construction

Biogas plants

Electrical energy from a biogas plant

water tanks

.Our tanks meet strict standards of tightness and quality of work, they may be used for storing water for various purposes.

Tower silos

Tower silos for wooden shavings, sawdust, corn, loose or liquid materials, or for silage storage.

Storage silos

Analysis and construction solutions of silos and warehouses for bulky feed

Tanks for water treatment facilities

Cylindrical monolithic tanks as elements of water treatment plants must meet the highest quality of work..

Covered tanks

.We make covered tanks designed for live load of acceptable ceiling load of 11,5 kN/m2 and covered tanks designed for dead load only.